Fuck yeah, daily horoscopes!

Sunday Apr 10 2011

If you ever sat on Santa’s lap as a child, and asked for something that you wanted with all your heart, you can probably recall the innocent sense of wonder and magic that exists in the imagination. Now that you’re older, you probably wouldn’t trust your dreams to a “fantasy” figure. But you really should open your heart to miracles now, Pisces. If you can maintain a childlike sense of wonder this week, you will have reason to believe that anything is possible - even those dreams that you thought were too far-fetched to ever come true.


Saturday Apr 9 2011

You can be a social butterfly, Pisces. When your friends and relatives think of you, they think of someone who is outgoing, charming, and who smiles easily. But lately you’ve been more inclined to steer clear of social situations. You’re not exactly a hermit, but you have recently lost touch with your more fun side. It’s okay to mope now and then, but the longer you allow a case of the blues to take over your life, the harder it will be to feel happy again. Tonight is a great time to get out and about and get back on track - even if you have to force yourself out the door.